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WG Dressage Online is an innovative way to give lessons anywhere around the world, with International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Hayley Watson-Greaves.


This website enables you to book online, then arrange a time and date to suit you.


'This Idea came about as the result of requests I have received from all over the UK and worldwide to run clinics'


'I wanted the ability to be able to give Live dressage lessons online, to allow people that can't make clinics or require extra training in between their one to one training, the opportunity to have a lesson.

By using the technology we have I'm able to give lessons where ever you are in the world.'







WG Dressage Online also offers Video assessments.


Take a video of your and your horse/pony in training, riding through a dressage test, creating a floorplan or a test you have recently done at a competition.


Book a video assessment using the online booking form, send the video to Hayley and she will give feedback, Tips and possible exercises to help you improve.


'There are many times we are training on our own and get frustrated with the progress, or just need to understand what is needed in day to day training to help improve, with this system you can send your video, I can then assess the video and give tips, feedback and possible exercises to work on, to help you progress.'