'There are many times we are training on our own and get frustrated with the progress, or just need to understand what is needed in day to day training to help improve, with this system you can send your video, I can then assess the video and give tips, feedback and possible exercises to work on, to help you progress. All the exercises are tailored to you and your horse.'


WG Dressage Online Video Training


WG Dressage Online is an innovative way to give Video training anywhere around the world, with International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Hayley Watson-Greaves.


'The Idea came about due to being sent videos of my clients competitions and asked to look through and assess the video and give them some tips and exercises.'


'I decided i could help more people by offering video training.

It has been a big success, for people wanting to practice there tests, a movement they are struggling with, review and analysis of a competition, warm up routine'



"I was at a practice competition a day before the regional championships, I didn't do as well as I hoped, my friend had videoed the test and I sent it Hayley to review, she did that day and gave me some exercises on how to warm my horse up and some tips for the regional test the next day, i did what she suggested and finished second in the Regional championship, qualifing for the National championships"

ā€˜I won a video/online assessment with Hayley in a competition and I was really impressed.
I got someone to film me riding in our school and WhatsApped it over to Hayley. Within a day or two Iā€™d received an email detailing what she felt my problem was and gave me some exercises to work on at home.
The first competition I did after doing the exercises we won. So, do I recommend Hayley and her video assessments? Definitely!ā€™