Video Training is a great way to montior your progress on your own horse.



You can have video training anywhere, at home, test practice, competition and warm up.

Wherever you need help.

All you need to do is video yourself, send it via Whats app, you'll receive tailored exercises and diagrams via email and advice to suit you and your horse.



Its tailored to you and your horse, with bespoke exercises for you to develop and train at any level.

Email: wgdressageonline@gmail.com



For Clinics, Online Video Training, Floor Plan design.


Email: wgdressageonline@gmail.com


How does it work?


All you have to do is email me to book and send you video to me, it will the be analysed and feedback will be sent.


Can I send a video of me training at home?


Yes you can take a video wherever you want to at home at a competition, even in the warm up at a show if you need help with a warm up routine, that is the beauty of this system.


Will the feedback be tailored to me and my Horse?


Yes your feedback  will be tailored to you and your horse, each horse and rider combination is different and will need different exercises to help in their training, they will be bespoke to you, and if you have any questions about the exercises you can ask.