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The UK's Leading Supplier of Equine Nutrition, Equine Supplements, Horse Feeds, Feed Balancers, Alfalfa Feed and Forage Balancers.

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  • Full Repairs & Alterations
  • SMS Qualified Saddle Fitters
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IDEAL is a market leader in the design and manufacture of fine saddles. For over thirty years we have been based in Walsall, the home of English saddlery, and we believe our range of saddles offers unrivalled choice in quality and style for the discerning rider.


With skilled fitting, the finest workmanship and our trademark flexibility we create the IDEAL saddle ensuring that both rider and horse achieve their best.


An IDEAL partnership is one that lasts a lifetime.


'I have been using TopSpec

for many years, my horses

look and perform

at there best'

'A good saddle is so important for the support and comfort for the horse and rider, my IDEAL saddles deliver this while allowing the maximum freedom of movement. I cant recommend them highly enough, they are my saddle of choice'

The leaders in equine preparation products and garments, helping you achieve perfection when it really matters. We offer a complete range of show and arena preparation products in the Supreme Products Professional Collection - the Choice of Champions.

'I'm delighted to be part of the Supreme Products team, I have used this great range of products since my pony days and they always make my horses gleam. Turnout in Dressage is incredibly important and I am confident that my horses look their absolute best with these superb products. I highly recommend them.'

Flithy Beasts Horse Rug Laundry
  • Washing Stable Rugs
  • Turnout Rugs
  • Reproofing
  • Repairs
  • Dog Rugs
  • Whites
  • Rugby/football kits
Anna Davison is an Chartered Equine Physiotherapist who specialises specifically in the treatment of equines. All Equine Physiotherapy treatments are preceded by a thorough assessment following Veterinary consent. Physiotherapy treatment combines a selection of techniques from mobilizations to electrotherapy. All consultations will include a programme of care following treatment which will include advice and often exercises specific to the patient.

Stockpin Chic started in December 2011 by Vanessa Wilkins and Heather Piggott. 
We are based in Cardiff, South Wales where we design our collections of stock pins and riding stocks.  Our designs are manufactured in the heart of Great Britain, in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter using the best skilled British craftsmen to cast, set and hand finish each piece before our own Stockpin Chic hallmark is added.
Our riding stocks are all made in South Wales. We want to provide stocks in quality fabrics which are elegant, fashionable and exclusive.

If you are Interested in Sponsoring Hayley please email her direct.

'Anna has such attention to detail

and works with me on a regular basis

to insure my competition Horses are in top form'

'Quick, reliable service, keeping my Rugs and Saddlecloths looking like new'

'Stunning Range of Stocks and Stock Pins, comfortable and to a very high quality'


All Petrie boots boast high-quality materials, outstanding workmanship and a perfect fit. 

Since riding boots are used to show off a rider’s personality and make a statement, Their collection consists of unique and highly adaptable designs to suit every rider’s personal taste.


'Petrie boots are of the highest quality, durable and stylish, you can design your own to suit your personality.

I love my Petrie boots!'


Robbie is a member of the English Farrier Team and has competed successfully and won many competitions including the competiting at the European Championships. He works closely with the World Class team.

He is kindly Sponsoring Rubins Nite.

His Service is second to none and all shoes are handmade.

'Robbie gives fantastic service and works closely with me and my horses to make sure we get the best out of them, his attention to detail and love for his work shows in the quality of the shoeing'



Scharf hats are a technical, bespoke range which are light, airy, adjustable and unique.

The shape has been designed to flatter and fit most head shapes. 

We have a standard range and a bespoke range which allows everyone's tastes to be catered for. From all matte black to shiny metallic top with your own logo in crystals!


'Scharf Hats are of high quality and protection there comfortable, breathable and Unique.

​With the bespoke design, you stand out from the rest. #designyourown'


ArcEquine is the smallest microcurrent device in the world. It is a wearable, completely drug free, non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system that mimics the body's electrical biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within the body's cells. ATP is the energy component of the cells and is responsible for the flow of nutrients.

‘ArcEquine is part of my horses daily routine, for general maintenance, competitions and injuries, it’s an essential part of my equipment, speeds up recovery and helps keep my horses healthy and competing at there best!’



eVetDrug is a company owned and run by forward thinking Equine vets with over 30 years of experience in the veterinary profession and the Equine world. We are the only online Equine dedicated pharmacy in the UK.

Our aim is to provide you with high quality Equine medication and products at a fraction of their normal price, without compromising on service.


Trendy Equine intend to provide the latest fashion and the products that the top riders and horses are modelling. We have a mission statement, and that is to provide equestrian fashion to each individual and their beloved 4-legged friends and be able to find the size, colour and design that is right for them.

‘I highly recommend eVet, they have vets on hand to provide advice, a huge range of products for all your veterinary needs at a great price’


‘Trendy Equine has a great range of top quality equestrian fashion products for both Horse and Rider.'